Vinyl Visions is a Proud Member of AAMA, the American Architectural Manufacturers Association. 

All PVC formulas are certified by Renew Polymers and are guaranteed for Life by Vinyl Visions.

Renew Certified Formula 

All Vinyl Visions products are Certified by Renew Polymers to be formulated and extruded of 100%  AAMA  certified window profiles. No other PVC formulas are added to AAMA’s certified window frames.

Testing & Quality Assurance. 

All certified Renew Polymers formulas are tested under the same AAMA testing requirement guidelines and more. All Renew Polymers Formulas are tested monthly and recorded. 

Tests currently used: 

  1. QUV  ASTM 154 Weather Accelerator Meathod
  2. SAE J2527 Zenon- Arc Apparatus (2 Zenon-Arc with extended UV filters & 1 black segment). 
  3. UA-EMMA Ultra- accelerated 10 to 1 year by: (Atlas Phoenix, Arizona)