Lifetime Warranty

*  Labor & Materials Guaranteed For Life * Proudly Designed & Made in the U.S.A.

Extruded Products and  Warranties

Vinyl Visions uses AAMA certified window frame formulas. Vinyl Visions uses only Renew Polymers certified formulas that are only made of 100% AAMA window frame profiles. This will assure you that our products will fade at the same rate as your AAMA certified window frame.

Finish Warranty

Vinyl Visions and Renew Polymers warrants that its products will be free from manufacturing defects including peeling, flaking, blistering and corroding when subject to normal and proper use. 

Cupped Warranty

Vinyl Visions guarantees our products to be free of any warping and cupping. If any extruded PVC product is cupped, bowed or warped and product therefore can not stick or snap into its proper place, Vinyl Visions will reimburse materials and labor. 

Coiled Trim Warranty

Coiled Trim Reel is engineered to stick and is covered under our warranty, however trim sold in straight lengths that are improperly coiled during travel are not covered under our warranty. 

U.V. Warranty

Vinyl Visions and Renew Polymers guarantees that our products will perform in the sun within the same tolerances of AAMA certified window frame profiles.

Serial Number Warranty

Only serial numbered products manufactured by Vinyl Visions and therefore are traceable will be covered under this warranty.

SIS  Adhesive Warranty

In the event of confirmed adhesive failure Vinyl Visions will reimburse materials and labor for the life of the window manufacture warranty. Example: If adhesive is coated uneven from our factory and therefore can not adhere to the window frame properly, Vinyl Visions will reimburse materials and labor.  

How to test your adhesive: Peel and stick trim to a piece of glass. Look at the adhesive side of the trim to observe how much adhesive has fully adhered to the glass. Adhesive will appear to darken when fully adhered. If less than 75% of the
adhesive does not adhere to the glass, please contact a Vinyl Visions customer service representative.

Adhesive Warranty Limitations

All trim installations are void if trim is installed improperly.

Trim MUST have as much adhesive on the window frame as the gap you are filling. Example: if there is a 1” open gap, then you will need 1” of adhesive, therefore 2” wide trim will be the minimum requirement for our warranty to be fulfilled. 

Uneven Applications

Vinyl Visions cannot be responsible for trim adhesion if window corner or miter sticks above the applied surface. Also, if there is any uneven surfaces anywhere the adhesive comes in contact with applied surface, the warranty is void.  

Contaminated Surfaces

Any dirt, petroleum, wax or silicone based cleaners used to clean window frame prior to installation will void warranty. Also, chemicals such as Goof Off, Goo Gone or any other adhesive remover WILL void warranty because these chemicals will soak deeply into the pours of the PVC and WILL cause adhesive failure.

It is Vinyl Visions’ discretion to quantify amount of failed trim and /or amount of refund.