Privacy Policy

Vinyl Visions, LLC understands the importance of your privacy and the purpose of this Privacy Policy (hereinafter “Policy”) is to describe the information we collect from or about you through our website and how we use and share that information as well as describing the steps we take to protect your privacy.



This Policy applies only to information collected through this website. It does not apply to third-party websites, third-party mobile apps, or information collected over the phone or through in person contact.

This Policy may be supplemented or amended from time to time, at the sole option of Vinyl Visions, LLC, by adding additional privacy notices, provided at the time we collect your information (i.e., certain pages of this website may contain privacy notices providing more details about the information being collected on these particular pages, why that information is needed, and choices you may have about the ways we use that information. In other instances, specific privacy notices may be required to comply with the privacy laws of the countries, provinces, or states in which we do business.)

Information We Collect

We do not collect personal information about you unless you voluntarily submit that information to us, such as through our contact pages, by e-mail, registering an account with us or some other means. The personal information which you may provide to us could include your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and credit card information. 

When you visit or use this website, we may automatically collect certain non-personal information about you, such as the type of browser or device operating system you use, the domain name of the website from which you linked to us, the amount of time you spend on our website and the pages on our website you view. We may also aggregate information collected from our users (such as the number of users in a particular region or area or having particular characteristics).

How We Use Your Information

We may provide your personal information to affiliates and third parties to help us process your personal information for the purposes set out in this policy. Generally, we use the information we collect through our website to:

  1. Provide the information, products and services your request;
  2. Provide effective customer service;
  3. Provide a personalized experience in the use of our website;
  4. Contact you with information and notices related to utilization of our website;
  5. Contact you with special offers and other information we believe will be of interest to you (in accordance with any privacy preferences you have expressed to us);
  6. Invite you to participate in surveys and provide feedback to us (in accordance with any privacy preferences you have expressed to us);
  7. Improve content, functionality and usability of our website;
  8. Better understand your needs and interests;
  9. Improve products and services;
  10. Improve marketing and promotional efforts;
  11. Share with others as described in this policy;
  12. For security, credit or fraud prevention purposes;
  13. With your consent; and
  14. Any other purpose identified in any agreement between you and us.

Sharing Your Information

Third-Party Vendors: Information collected through our website may be shared with third-party vendors who act for us or on our behalf (i.e., we may use third-party vendors to design and operate our website, conduct surveys or help us with our promotional efforts. These third-party vendors may need information about you to perform their functions.)

Other Users of this Site: You may be able to submit User-Generated Content on or through this Site. In this Policy, “User-Generated Content” or “UGC” refers to any content you post using the social networking or product review tools we may make available to you and does not constitute “Feedback” (as that term is defined in our Terms of Use.) Any personal information contained in UGC can be read, collected, or utilized by others. In addition, UGC you submit may be utilized for advertising campaigns and other promotions. Your name may or may not be used in connection with such use, and we may or may not seek your consent before using the content for such purposes. Therefore, you should have no expectation of privacy with respect to UGC submitted by you on or through our website. 

Third-Party Social Media Platforms: We may provide functionality on this website to allow you to automatically post information about actions taken by you on this website to a third-party social media platform (such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Should you take advantage of this functionality, people with access to your profile on third-party platforms may be able to see these actions-for example, items you purchased. Thus, there should be no expectation of privacy with regard to those actions. Further, should you choose to link your profile on this website with an account on a third-party social media platform, we may share the information in your profile with that third-party platform. 

Our Distributors, Licensees and Other Affiliates: We may share information collected through our website with our affiliates, licensees and independent distributors (collectively “distributors”), who may utilize the information in all the ways listed in this policy, provided that such use relates to products or services authorized by Vinyl Visions, LLC. By way of example, should you seek an appointment, of necessity, your information will be shared with a Vinyl Visions, LLC expert near you for convenience in scheduling an appointment at the earliest opportunity. Your information may also be utilized by our distributors for their own marketing purposes, provided such marketing relates to products or services Vinyl Visions, LLC authorizes. Distributors may not utilized your information to promote competing windows or doors or other, products or services Vinyl Visions, LLC does not authorize. 

Business Partners: Vinyl Visions, LLC may share your information, from time to time, with selected third parties (other than third-party vendors or distributors) for joint marketing purposes.

Business Transfer: In the event that we transfer ownership or operation of this website or the business to a successor organization, your information may be provided. If, for example, we sale the business to, or merge with, another organization. In the event of such a transfer, the successor or merged organization’s use of your information will continue to be subject to this Policy and the privacy preferences you have expressed to us. 

Compliance with Laws/Protection of Our Rights and the Rights of Others: If we believe, in good faith, that disclosure of your information is appropriate to comply with the law, a court order or a subpoena, we may disclose the same. We may also disclose your information in the prevention or investigation of any possible crime, such as fraud or identity theft; for the protection of the security of this website; for enforcement or application of our online Terms of Use or other agreements; or for the protection of our own rights or property or the rights, property or safety of other users or others. 

How We Collect Your Information

Provided by You Manually: The information manually provided by you (using your keyboard, mouse, or touchpad) when you use this website is collected by our company. For example, information you provide when you request an appointment, literature, or services, or when you email us with questions or feedback. 

Third-Party Social Media Platforms: By choosing to automatically populate the requested data fields with information you previously provided to a third-party social media platform (such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.), you may be able to register with, log on to, or enhance your profile on this website. In doing so, you are asking the third-party platform to send us information from your profile on that platform and we can treat that information as we do any other information you provide to us when you register, log on, or enhance your profile. 

Your Web Browser: Information that is sent to us automatically by your web browser is collected, which typically includes the IP address of your Internet service provider, the name of your operating system, the name and version of your browser, the date and time of your visit, and the pages you visit. The information we receive depends on the settings on your web browser. Please check your browser if you want to learn what information your browser sends or how to change your settings.

Information collected from your web browser is not, in-and-of itself, personally identifiable. Generally, this information will be utilized to help us improve this Site (for example, by making it more compatible with the technology used by our visitors) and to improve our marketing efforts (for example, by identifying your general geographic location). We may combine the information collected with other information in an attempt to identify you or we may combine it with information that does identify you. We may also review our server logs for security purposes – for example, to detect intrusions into our network – and we might share our server logs, which contain visitors’ IP addresses, with the appropriate investigative authorities who could use that information to trace and identify you. 

Your IP address is the identifier assigned to your particular computer or other device when you access the Internet. Depending on how you connect to the Internet, your IP address may always be the same, or it may change each time you access the Internet. IP addresses do not include your name, email address or other personal information, but in some cases, they may be linked to your personal information. If, for example, you have registered with our website, we may link your IP address to our third-party service providers who can use it to identify information such as your state and zip code. If we suspect inappropriate or criminal activity or a threat to our website or its users, we may also share our server logs – which contain users’ IP addresses – with the appropriate investigative authorities, who could use that information to trace and identify individuals. 

A trail of electronic information is left at each website you visit, as you use the Internet. This information, sometimes referred to as “clickstream data,” can be collected and stored by a website’s server. Clickstream data can tell us the type of device and browsing software you use and the address of the website from which you linked to our website. We may collect and use clickstream data to anonymously determine how much time visitors spend on websites, how visitors navigate websites and how our website may be tailored to better meet our consumer needs, to improve our website and services. Any collection or use of clickstream data will be anonymous and will not intentionally contain any personal data. 

Mobile or Table Device: Should you access this website through your mobile or tablet device, we may automatically collect certain information from or about your device, including the type of device you use, the IP address of your device, the operating system of your device, the type of mobile or tablet Internet browsers used by you, and information about the way you use our mobile or tablet application. This information is not, in-and-of itself, personally identifiable, but it may be combined with other information in an attempt to identify you or we may combine it with information that does identify you. 

Cookies and Other Technologies: We utilize “cookies” and other technologies to collect information and support certain features of our website. We may utilize these technologies to:

  1. collect information about the ways visitors use our website, including which pages they visit, links they use, and how long they stay on each page;
  2. support features and functionality of our website, to save you the trouble of reentering information already in our database or to prompt the settings you established on previous visits, for example;
  3. personalize your experience when utilizing our website; and, 

improve marketing efforts, including through use of targeted advertising.

One of the ways we personalize your experience through the use of cookies is by placing a cookie on your computer that contains the zip code you provide to us. As you browse our website, our server recognizes your zip code and shows you products and services available in your area. The information we collect using cookies and similar technologies is not, in-and-of itself, personally identifiable, but may be linked to personal information that you provide. If you choose not to receive cookies, you may set your browser to reject cookies or to alert you when a cookie is placed on your computer. You can also clear cookies at any time through your browser’s settings. Although you are not required to accept cookies when you visit our website, you may be prevented from utilizing all of the functionality of our website if your browser rejects our cookies. 

Third-Party Cookies: In addition to the cookies delivered by Vinyl Visions, LLC to your computer or mobile device through our website, certain third parties may deliver cookies for a variety of reasons. For example, we may utilize a web analytics tool to help us understand how visitors engage with our website. Other third parties may deliver cookies to your computer or mobile device for the purpose of tracking online behaviors across non-affiliated websites and delivering targeted advertisements either on our website or other websites. 

You do have choices about collection of information by third parties on our website. For more information about these choices, please see the “Your Choices” section below. 

Your Choices

Email Preferences: We will include an “opt out” link in each electronic newsletter or promotional email we send you, so that you can inform us that you do not wish to receive such communications from us in the future. 

Previously Expressed Preferences: You may change previously expressed preferences regarding how your information is utilized by Vinyl Visions, LLC. If at any time you wish to be taken off our mailing lists, you can update contact preferences online. 

Opting Out of Interest Based Advertising: The online advertising industry provides a service through which you may opt-out of receiving targeted ads from certain data partners and other advertising partners that participate in self-regulatory programs. Vinyl Visions, LLC complies with the Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising set forth by the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA). You can opt-out of targeted advertising from certain providers at Please note that by opting out, you will continue to see generic advertising that is not tailored to your specific interests and activities. For clarification, cookie-based opt-outs must be performed on each device and browser you wish to have opted-out. For example, if you have opted-out on your device browser, that opt-out will not be effective on your mobile device. You must separately opt-out on each device.  

Opting Out of Cookies: To stop or restrict the placement of cookies or flush any cookies that may already be on your computer or device, please refer to and adjust your web browser preferences. Further information on cookies is available at By deleting our cookies or disabling future cookies you may not be able to access certain areas or features of our website or some of its functionality may be affected. Cookies and similar items are not used by us to automatically retrieve personal information from your device without your knowledge. 

Do Not Track Mechanisms: Due to the changing state of technology and indecision within the industry regarding the meaning of DNT signals, we currently do not make any guarantee that we will honor DNT signals.

Links to Other Websites; Social Networking Services: This website may also contain links to websites that are not operated by Vinyl Visions, LLC or its distributors. These links are provided for your reference and convenience only and do not imply any endorsement of the products sold or information provided through these websites, nor any association with their operators. We do not control these websites and are not responsible for their data practices. Any information you provide to third parties on their websites is covered under their privacy and data collection policies and is not covered by this Policy. We urge you to review the privacy policy posted on any site you visit before using the site or providing any persona information. 

Our website may integrate with social networking services. You understand that we do not control such services and are not liable for the manner in which they operate. While we may provide you with the ability to use such services in connection with our website, we do so merely as an accommodation and, like you, are relying upon those third-party services to operate properly and fairly. You should be aware that personal information which you voluntarily include and transmit online in a publicly accessible blog, social network or otherwise online may be viewed and used by others. We are unable to control such uses of your personal information, and by using such services you assume the risk that personal information provided by you may be viewed and used by third parties. 

Access to Your Information

If you wish to review, correct and update the personal information you provided to us through our website, you can update contact preferences online or please contact us by email at [email protected]. We will respond to your request within the time limit set out by the applicable privacy legislation. We will use reasonable efforts to comply with your request as required by applicable law. 

How We Protect Your Information

We take reasonable precautions to provide a level of security appropriate to the sensitivity of the information we collect. We use reasonable measures to help protect your information against unauthorized use or disclosure. However, due to the inherent open nature of the Internet, we cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information provided online. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the security of information provided over the Internet or stored in our databases and will not be responsible for breaches of security beyond our reasonable control. 

Retention of Personal Information

We take reasonable precautions to provide a level of security appropriate to the sensitivity of the information we collect. We use reasonable measures to help protect your information against unauthorized use or disclosure. However, due to the inherent open nature of the Internet, we cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information provided online. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the security of information provided over the Internet or stored in our databases and will not be responsible for breaches of security beyond our reasonable control. 

Retention of Personal Information

Personal information collected on our website is maintained as long as necessary to provide the services, products and information you request or as permitted by applicable law. Even if we delete some or all of your personal information, we may continue to retain and use aggregate or anonymous data previously collected and/or anonymize or aggregate your personal information. Please note that we will not be liable for disclosures of your data due to errors or unauthorized acts of third-parties. 

Children’s Privacy: 



Vinyl Visions, LLC is a United States corporation. The servers that support our website may be located in the United States or other countries. Data protection laws vary from country to country. However, we will process your information in accordance with this Policy no matter where your data is stored. By using our website, you freely and specifically give us your consent to export your personal information to the United States and to store and use it in the United States as specified in this Policy. You understand that data stored in the USA may be subject to lawful requests by the courts or law enforcement authorities in the USA. 

California Privacy Rights:

  1. The California Consumer Privacy Act provides that California residents may (subject to certain limitations):
  2. Request the personal information we collect about them. 
  3. Request we delete the personal information we collect about them.
  4. Opt out of having personal information sold (We do not share personal information with third parties in exchange for money. However, we may disclose certain information in exchange for insights and other valuable services. California law treats such sharing as a “sale” even where no money is exchanged). 
  5. The California’s Shine the Light law gives California residents the right to ask companies once a year what personal information they share with third parties for those third parties’ direct marketing purposes. California residents may make one “Shine the Light” request per year by emailing us at  [email protected]. When making such a request, please utilize the phrase “California Shine the Light Request” so that we may appropriately identify your request and be sure to include your mailing address, state of residence and email address so we may timely provide a response. 

To exercise either of these rights, please click here. 

        [email protected]

Changes to the Privacy Policy:

We reserve the right, at our discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions from this Privacy Policy at any time. However, if at any time in the future, we plan to use personal information in a way that materially differs from this Privacy Policy, we will post such changes here or email you. We encourage you to periodically review the Site for the latest information on our privacy practices. You are bound by any changes to the Privacy Policy when you use our website after such changes have been first posted. 

Contact Us

If you have questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy, any Privacy Notice, or the data practices of Vinyl Visions, LLC, please contact us by email at [email protected] You may also call 800-321-8746 to speak to customer service.